BoinxTV and the Making of photokina

Have you ever wondered how photokina, the world’s leading imaging fair, brings attendees and enthusiasts immediate television coverage? Boinx’s production guru, Bastian Wölfle, revealed all in an interview with Marc Ludwig at photokina TV’s 500 square meter booth (it’s the biggest booth photokina has ever run!). With the help of two Canon XA25’s, one from shoulder perspective and one from front perspective, and a Sony FX1, which faces down from the ceiling, Bastian and Marc discussed just how BoinxTV helps photokina deliver all the hottest imaging news instantly.

In the video above, Bastian shows us how, using BoinxTV, anyone can live-edit the broadcast while it’s being filmed. The photokina TV broadcast was put together using a brand-new MacPro, a Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder, an AppleTV and an iPad. The duality is one of the best parts – Bastian even goes over live broadcasting your iPad or AppleTV screen while simultaneously showing the hosts talking on a smaller screen in the bottom corner.

All Marc had to do ahead of time was prep a rundown of the show as well as the titles he wanted shown and the credits. The show records automatically while edits are done live, and with the press of a button, the recording can be uploaded to the web. There are 40+ shows at photokina over the course of a couple days, and even if a guest misses one, he or she can watch it online minutes after it’s recorded thanks to BoinxTV.

“I can really recommend to take a look at BoinxTV, which is at the core of the production here,” Marc says. “I can recommend it because it’s been working flawlessly here all the time … I have more and more possibilities, and it’s all based on a software.”

Want to hear more? Be sure to check out the video to learn about all of BoinxTV’s great features!