Check Out the Biggest Festivals of the Year with Cinekid!

Cinekid is an organization that holds daily workshops and an annual film, television, and new media festival for kids around the Netherlands. In total, the festival receives approximately 60,000 visits a year. It has quickly become one of the most successful cultural festivals in the world. If you’re not convinced yet, check out these stats. In Amsterdam, approximately 1 in 4 children are in contact annually with Cinekid. We think that’s pretty incredible!

The festival consists of the Cinekid MediaLab, a digital playground consisting of over 40 different interactive installations, media workshops, and the latest games. To give you an idea of how big the playground is, over 1,200 kids and professionals visit the MediaLab each day of the festival. Cinekid’s self-developed workshops include topics such as animation, green screen, TV presenting, and special FX. This year, the organization will be celebrating their 28th anniversary. Congratulations to our friends at Cinekid!

In 2012, Cinekid started working with BoinxTV during their workshops. “We chose it because it is the only stable solution for live green screening,” says Siuli Ko, Cinekid. “We also discovered iStopMotion, which we chose as our solution for an animation workshop in 2012.”

Beside the live green screen feature, the team at Cinekid loves BoinxTV’s ability to replace and crop clips and material, the multiple keying possibilities per camera, and the ability to switch between cameras. In past festivals, Cinekid used BoinxTV to create a complete film on the fly in a green screen setting. Check it out here!

Cinekid also hosts a “Presenteren kun je leren” workshop, or “Learn to be a Presenter.” During this program, kids can record their own news program with BoinxTV’s green screen and autocue features. Check out an example of one of the finished news programs here!

They also use BoinxTV’s green screen feature to hold “De avonturen van Cinekid,” or “The Adventures of Cinekid.” This is a workshop with a huge green screen where kids play in a short action movie while moving around an obstacle course. See them in action above!