Kaleidoscope FotoMagico

Pierre Vermersch, a retired psychologist of scientific research, decided to try his hand at creating a slideshow with FotoMagico. The result? He came up with this beautiful video, entitled “Genèse d'un trésor,” the genesis of a mandala.

We wondered how he made it look so easy, and we can report that it was anything but that. Pierre prepared by drawing every morning with the free app inspirARTion. He made many, many, many copies of the same image with small variations in color and finalized them with FotoMagico. Pierre loved that FotoMagico was easy to use and very intuitive. He says that it was very pleasant and exciting to create his project using the program.

His idea was to show the evolution of a theme with a slideshow and music, and unbelievably enough, “Genèse d'un trésor” is his first attempt at such a project. He knew he was going in the right direction when he found the music of Dies Iraes by Danny D'Angelo, which he used as background noise to enhance his drawings.

The reactions to his project were great! He shared it at home with his family, on YouTube and on his Facebook page, which has over 5,000 likes. Talk about an audience!