Show Off Your Work with FotoMagico!

When you’re a gifted visual artist, the biggest challenge isn’t always creating visually compelling pieces – it’s finding the best way to showcase your talents. Robert Young, owner of Robert George Young Photography, uses FotoMagico to show his photography and retouching talents.

The software gives Bob a dynamic and captivating way to show off his retouching skills. “FotoMagico has all the features I need with a very intuitive graphic interface,” says Bob.

Additionally, FotoMagico gives Bob the flexibility to create videos of still photos for friends and family, which he calls, “This is Your Life.” “The ‘This is Your Life’ videos have generally been made for friends and family celebrating birthdays and other types of anniversaries,” Bob explains. “I use FotoMagico to create a video of still photos, video clips and music that documents the life or lives of the person or people being honored.”

Check out Bob’s fantastic retouching work above!