“The Revengers” Pits the Characters of Marvel Against Their Evil Twins

Ever wondered what would have happened if that genetically engineered spider had never bitten Peter Parker? Or, what if Ultron was interested in creating rather than destroying? “The Revengers,” created by The Director’s Cut with the help of iStopMotion, explores what happens when The Avengers meet their alternate, malevolent counterparts, including a benevolent Ultron.

Chief Executive Imaginator of The Director’s Cut, Bryan Goldmintz, describes the short film as “a parody on The Avengers,” and selected iStopMotion as his tool for creation because it is “easy to use and innovative.” Read all about The Director’s Cut in our previous post here.

Made using iStopMotion, the playful short uses a creative and effective mix of LEGO figures and clay to create different effects to show the character’s alternate’s arrival and departure. We just love how the short film comes together, showing us how epic things can come in short packages through the forces of innovative tech, creativity and hard work!

Witness the awesome above!