Tiger TV Live

Mary Williams, responsible for creating and running the Tiger TV program at King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, GA, says: “The kids perform a live show each school morning which is broadcast live on Facebook and archived to Vimeo for on-demand viewing. We have two teleprompter operators, two camera operators, a weather person and two anchors.  Then we keep three students to manage the next crew – they run the Mac with mimoLive, the sound board and one is a floor manager.” The groups with 6-7 students each are on for about 20 days, then the next crew takes over. “This way every 4th grade student gets their turn in the program and a chance to find their gift and talent, it might be anchoring, or they may like behind the scenes better, ” Mary continues, “Our teleprompter is backwards so our students who are "artsy" love it and have no problem reading it, the math students don't enjoy it at all. But know they have found out something they might not have known about how their brain works and how their friends have a talent they might not have.” Students apparently had a lot of fun with the episode shown in this example.