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Unleash Your Students’ Creativity

Unleash Your Student's Creativity

"Kids these days are no longer 'sit, listen and learn' kids, they're 'think, do and share' kids."

This is why we are proud that Boinx Software products are in use in education all over the world. Teachers and students love how powerful the software is while still being child's play to use. More often than not, students easily figure out how it works and then teach it to their teachers and other students. Educational institutions and teachers enjoy steep discounts for educational use.

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Stop Motion Movies

Educators around the world are excited about the use of iStopMotion on both Macs and iPads in the classroom. And so are their students! No wonder, because learning with iStopMotion is a lot of fun. Stop motion animation has many uses and benefits in the curriculum. It teaches soft skills such as teamwork, structural thinking, planning and provides immediate satisfaction which keeps students engaged.

Stop Motion animation can be used in many different contexts. The time lapse recording feature opens up even more possibilities in the scientific curriculum where it helps to make slow processes more visible to the students.

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Your TV Studio

mimoLive (formerly BoinxTV) is like your broadcast truck without the truck and at a fraction of the cost. Combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio and more to create a stunning recording or live video.

With mimoLive, your students easily create a newscast for your school and record events like lectures, sports, concerts, and more. For most students, it is a much more satisfying and motivating experience to have an active role in making a television show than just watching one. Creating documentaries, conducting interviews, and developing events gives the students limitless possibilities.

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Show and Tell

Boinx Software offers a suite of applications that help make your presentation an unforgettable experience for your audience. Focused on visual storytelling, our solutions run circles around other standard presentation packages when it comes to ease of use, powerful messaging and impact on the audience.

Award winning FotoMagico for the Mac is the gold standard for slide shows. PhotoPresenter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is the ideal tool for ad hoc show and tell sessions, letting you select the images that the audience sees on the fly.

Mouseposé for Mac guides your class' attention like a laser pointer, only better, during PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

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Making stop motion videos with iStopMotion is so much fun they stayed in from recess to keep working.

The greatest use for BoinxTV for us is when we do our live event broadcasts. Most school events take place in a gym or auditorium. We generally have 3 to 5 camera angles and we will use BoinxTV to add titles, change camera angles, keep scores, and broadcast video to a Tandberg video teleconferencing unit and Ustream.

I use iStopMotion in school arts residencies for clay animation and animation projects. Students of all ages quickly learn to capture, save, and transfer their work to video editing programs such as iMovie. Mistakes and reshoots are almost unheard of because of the 'onion skinning' feature. My residencies are often planned with only a week of student contact time, so I can't use a program that takes long time to learn. With iStopMotion the students are capturing their clay animation movements or animation drawings during the first session.

We could not be doing the news show at all without BoinxTV. There is no way I could have started a News Media class with the expense of a traditional hardware based studio.

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