Visual Storytelling For Everyone.

FotoMagico is the easiest way to create a gorgeous slideshow on your Mac using your photos, videos, music and text. Use pre-built stories, story-parts or tell your very own, unique story. Present it live or export as a high resolution video.

LOOK3 Festival photo by Shannon Wells

Live Presentations - Knock The Socks Off Your Audience

"I found myself loving this newest version [of FotoMagico] much more than its predecessor as it felt more like the ScreenFlow and Camtasia video editing tools that I am more comfortable using. What’s more, I was able to quickly create a 4k video with my images in less than 15 minutes. [...] The best way to create slideshows for your images just got way better with this release. It’s a no brainer upgrade for existing users, and a great addition to any photographer’s software workflow. It’s fast, easy to use, and the results are extremely professional looking."

Photographers around the world use FotoMagico for their presentations before a live audience because they find it is the best tool for the job.

FotoMagico slideshows are resolution independent, automatically using every pixel of the presentation medium, especially if it is a state-of-the art 4K projector at one of the most prestigious photography festivals.

It's easy to impress your peers at your photo club, automatically showing metadata such as title, location, date, aperture, exposure and more automatically from the photos you're showing.

To share your slideshow afterwards, just export to your favorite video platform or into your video format of choice.

Wedding Photography – Make The Couple Happy

"This is a killer slide show Mac App that comes with complete control for super professional presentations. If you're doing a serious slide show for weddings, business, etc, try this app. It's robust but still very easy to use."

Michael James, Five Blue Kings

Still photography alone just doesn't cut it any more for many newly-weds. Quickly and easily animate the photos and integrate any video, shot with a professional camera or an iPhone for a lasting record of the unforgettable moments.

Step up your wedding photography game and dazzle the wedding guests at the reception with a slideshow from the ceremony. With the help of a pre-built Snippet, creating that slideshow is a matter of minutes. And just hit "play" when you're done.

Travel Slideshows – Relive The Adventure

"FotoMagico is magical (pun intended). There is little doubt that this application is the most polished slideshow creation tool for the Mac."

Instantly master the high art of distilling your vast pile of travel and holiday shots into a gripping travel report that conserves the happy memories for years to come using FotoMagico's carefully crafted Snippets.

Or let out your inner master storyteller and tweak all aspects of your slideshow precisely to your heart's content, ready for the big audience.

Automate the production of souvenir slideshows for your tour's customers by creating your own Snippets, including your own branding, making it easy and quick for the tour guide to provide each guest with a highly customized video.

Export to YouTube, save to a USB stick, create a DVD or Blu-Ray or interactively present to a live audience all from the same slideshow.

Slideshows For The Family – In Loving Memory

"The app is so intuitive and simple to use that you can open it up and create a complex photo show within a half an hour."

Of course there are many happier family events, but when it comes to remembering a loved one, your slideshow should be hitting exactly the right note with beautiful transitions, the high image quality, perfect slideshow timing and the soundtrack appropriate for the mood.

And when you're called upon to create this show, you usually don't have a lot of time to learn a complex application, which is why we keep a great set of creative tools simple and accessible.

Animating Stills – The Holy Grail Of Video Editing

"To me the greatest strength of Fotomagico when using 4K clips and stills is its ability to quickly preview special scaling animations! I use it for both pre-visualization and online production. The software fits my 4K workflow perfectly!"

Gone are the days of tedious key frame based animation! Enjoy animating stills again and save a lot of time doing it.

FotoMagico integrates easily with Final Cut Pro X and Premiere workflows for amazing b-roll and animated backgrounds.

Digital Signage – Spice Up Your Storefront Window

"FotoMagico will make its money back for you in final product quality and time saved after just a few slideshows."

Create digital Point of Sales signs with georgeous photos, videos, animations and up-to-date text info to increase sales.

Format independence makes it easy to combine photos and videos from all kinds of sources and instantly play your slideshow without the need for rendering or format conversion.

Easily distribute your slideshow to multiple FotoMagico installations via USB stick or network connection.

Comfortably author for unusual video formats such as Full HD in portrait orientation.

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