We make cool photo and video software for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
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About Boinx Software

Boinx Software was founded in 1996 by brothers Achim and Oliver Breidenbach. They chose Boinx because they wanted a name that was artificial, young, hip, fun, pronounced the same in German and English and could also be a sound. We make cool photo and video software for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Our main offices are situated in Puchheim, Germany, in sight of the Alps close to Munich – world-famous for the Octoberfest.

Oliver Breidenbach

Oliver is co-founder and CEO. He is in love with Apple products since he played on the first Apple computer in Europe back in 1977. Boinx Software reflects his passion for creative tools that make the most of the technology and are easy and fun to use at the same time.

Achim Breidenbach

Achim co-founded Boinx Software with his brother and is responsible for our customer support. He spends most of his time tinkering with our backend database, automating the business and contributing to our products. In his spare time he builds all sorts of things. Achim lives and works in Leoben, Austria.

Leo Christ

After countless homevideos filmed with a Digicam and edited in Windows Movie Maker (and a bit of programming on mimoLive), Leo is now in charge of our YouTube channel

Apple Design Award 2009

Mac OS X Leopard Developer Showcase

Taking first place in the Apple Design Award 2009 was the reward for hard work and dedication to detail from the BoinxTV development team.

Peter Schlossnikel

Peter is the principal of Petriografie. He provides us with killer graphics design for everything from our websites to our products.

Marc Cauchy

Tech Support, SupportYourApp

Passionate about computer science and possessed by feeling of justice, you will never be guided in the wrong way. Good conversationalist and just a nice person, troubleshooting cases with him is always different. Trust him and you will get to success.

Damien West

Tech Support, SupportYourApp

Damien is passionate about helping people, and so much into making things better. He is in a habit of putting a piece of perfectionism in all he does. The major objective for him is making customers' smile.

Nick Ryabchenko

Tech Support, SupportYourApp

As soon as Nick inhales a problem, he doesn't exhale until a solution is found. From day one, Nick exceeds customers' expectations!

Peter Kraml

Since his early teenage years Peter converts coffee and ideas into iOS and Mac Apps. He spends his free time up in the air, even if only in his flight simulator.

Oliver Nickel

According to people who claim to know, Berlin is da cool new hot spot for web stuff in Germany, which is why we charged another Berliner with coding our new websites.

Wayne Larson

Tech Support, SupportYourApp

Wayne likes to make customers satisfied. If you are lucky enough and your help request is handled by Wayne, be sure that he will handle it very thoroughly, until he knows for sure that you are good now.

Stephan Gschwendtner

When Stephan does not support Peter in developing FotoMagico, he develops interactive installations for trade shows and museums, creates web sites with RubyOnRails and produces electronic music for art projects.

Stefan Fochler

Stefan is studying computer science at the Technical University of Munich and is building modules and applications for boinx.com in JavaScript using the latest technology.

Alex Lifflander

Tech Support, SupportYourApp

If you don’t know what to do with the software, Alex is the girl, who will help you out with pleasure. She won’t rest until you're satisfied and ready to use the applications on your own. She’ll be your Yoda in the learning path of becoming the Jedi of Boinx.

Daria Leschenko

Tech Support, SupportYourApp

Daria is a the CEO at SupportYourApp. She brings drive and passion along with extensive CRM experience. She is the heart and the soul of the team.

Beni Federer

Lives audio. Breathes audio. Is audio. Beni makes sure your mimoLive production sounds as sweet as it looks.

Vera Ruttkowski

Vera manages our order process and takes care of resellers and institutional education customers.
She works remotely from wherever she finds Internet and temperatures above 25°C/80°F.

Apple Design Award 2008

Best Mac OS X Graphics and Media App Runner Up

In 2008, Apple honored FotoMagico a second time with the prestigious award.

Peter Baumgartner

Peter is the creator of Apple Design Award winner FotoMagico and its principal developer. A passion for mountaineering and photography provide him with steady inspiration for FotoMagico.

Apple Design Award 2006

Best OS X User Experience Runner Up

Honouring its intuitive user interface and powerful features, Apple honored FotoMagico with the most coveted award in the industry in 2006.

Christiane Schmitz-Güngören

Christiane keeps our books, makes sure that we pay our bills on time and handles the bureaucracy required by the state of Germany and the EU.

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